Singapore Museums: The National Museum is Amazing & A Must Visit

It’s free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents so we really should take advantage of this. The building itself is spectacular and we are always awestruck looking up at the dome with the stain glass.

As I went with two darling little angels and didn’t except to blog about this, it will mostly feature what the children found fascinating. Anyway museums or any activity is always more fun through the excitement of children. Their ability to see detail we would otherwise have missed and their fresh perspectives. Enriches the whole experience.

Beautiful dome
Scenes of old Singapore

This never gets old for a child and they find this moving display just outside the Museum Gift Shop, fascinating.

Made me crave for satay
Everything tastes better over a charcoal fire the old fashioned way
We love string hoppers with orange sugar & freshly grated coconut.Puttu Mayam

In Tamil we call this iddiappam (string hoppers) with sakkerrei (orange sugar). We had this quite often for dinner even.

Favourite exhibit of nature loving child
Chilling diorama of the Japanese invasion and Occupation of Singapore
Haw Par Villa is terrifying for children – I had nightmares as a kid but it’s a must see for tourists
Playing with paper dolls was fun
Barbie has been replaced by LOL dolls

I used to love Barbie dolls and one of the highlights of my childhood was my dad buying me a ballerina Barbie. He usually only bought me books and I used to be so forlorn seeing the several dolls my more affluent friends possessed, assuming I would never get one as they were so expensive.

Woke up to the scratchy sound of my dads radio set to BBC
Childhood games: Kutti kutti
Used to drink straight out of the bottle

This is only a fraction of the museum and it would be good to revisit.

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