Psoriosis October Update

It’s getting worse.

I’m trying the steroid in lower doses as my lips starting cracking too much and I broke out around my chin earlier. Think the steroids went into my blood stream and I tend to be very sensitive to medications.

My immune system has already taken a huge hit with the chemo and radiation. It’s not surprising at all that my body reacts badly to all this.

My next step is to find a TCM to see next month. Perhaps also to see a counsellor as everything comes back to stress. Seeing more and more spots on my body doesn’t help. Trying not to think about it, but I mostly feel it subconsciously. Skin is just peeling off like scabs. It’s grossing me out and I feel very embarrassed and sad about it. Mostly it’s my vanity. Doesn’t help that aging itself is hard.

One thing I’m hopeful about is what my aunty recommended. To take good quality probiotics as that may help with the gut health and calming the immune system.

What helps the most is psoriosis support groups where the issues are discussed and you don’t feel like you’re alone.

In my real life I don’t know anyone with this condition so it truly helps to have these voices out there sharing things that helped a bit for them. Many say that steroids don’t work. But there are reports that alternative treatments help.

I now understand that episode where Kim Kardashian was so desperate to steal a bit of her sister Kourtney’s expressed breast milk and try it as a cure. It seemed like a plot device and too dramatic, but now I totally get it.

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