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Just want to get back to how it was in 2019

Can we have no more restrictions please. Even though I’m an introvert who panics at the thought of too many functions, a germaphobe who jumps anytime someone sneezes or coughs too close to me, I’m just so mentally fatigued with … Continue reading

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Travelling Out Of Singapore During the Pandemic – Which Countries Welcome Us

Since I’m manifesting travel, I decided to find out more about which countries we are actually allowed to travel to right now from Singapore. This is what I found on the Singapore Airlines website. So I guess these are some … Continue reading

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Pandemic Fatigue

Without even asking I know that you, like me, are sick and tired of anything to do with the Covid Pandemic. It’s just been going on far longer than we imagined. I honestly thought there would be zero travel restrictions … Continue reading

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Covid Times

I’m trying not to go stir crazy as I’m sure everyone in the world is right now. To put things into perspective, my anxiety is nothing compared to those afflicted with covid19, and their families, the frontline workers including healthcare … Continue reading

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