10 Things I Took for Granted During Covid Lockdown

1. Having peace, quiet and space to be able to relax and think. I’m tired of Corporations entering the sanctity of home through noisy Zoom meetings.

2. Being able to take public transport and have that independance, without the intense fear of getting infected.

3. The simple pleasure of a meal in a cafe. Fresh to your table rather than through delivery.

4. Being able to see loved ones who are not of the same household. Not having stringent rules of only 5 people and leaving out loved ones.

5. Being able to travel

6. Just being less sedentary and being able to walk outdoors and breathe fresh air, maskless.

7. Buying things you can actually touch and try rather than online.

8. No need to check in to enter a mall or shops.

9. No need to show vaccination status to have a meal at a restaurant.

10. Being able to attend classes and interact with new people rather than just online.

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