Architecture at VivoCIty

Really like the Japanese Architecture here more than the shopping itself. The shops are pretty much the same as what you can find at Orchard Road. Also, I would rather go here for the restaurants with the lovely view of Sentosa, sea and the cable cars. For now the parking is free, but not for long I guess.

I watched a movie here tonight – Talladega Nights. There’s nothing special about the GV theatre. I still have a strong preference for the newly revamped Cathay, which is my current favourite retreat. It’s also not that crowded which is bad for business, but good for me.

Thoughts of 2011 Me: I have been smitten by the curvy apple green architectural designs since it first opened. I haven’t gone to the theatre in ages and I miss it. I recall being annoyed that the awesome Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen kissing scene was cut. I saw it later on Youtube and it was the best part of the movie. I shake my head at our censors who butcher art. Guess they are just doing their job? I wonder if we’ve improved or relaxed our laws since then?

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