Halloween at NTUC

It’s been a slow day. Blog addict that I am, I was looking out for things I could post about. This is the most interesting thing I could pick out. Looks pretty scary huh?

This is the first time I have seen Halloween masks being sold at NTUC (Singapore’s home grown subsidised supermarket with the lowest prices). The local supermarket welcomes Halloween, with creepy masks, witches hats, black capes and bright orange, plastic pumpkin shaped sweet carriers. But how are the kids gonna do any trick or treat-ing in the haze?

Anyway it is not a tradition for kids to go knocking door to door in Singapore. They would probably not get any sweets or worse, get scolded by an irrate “uncle” or “aunty” for being a pest. (in Singapore all elders are called uncle or aunty. Whether they are related to you is irrelevant. It’s a term of respect)

Previously you would have to go to Cold Storage to get stuff like this, but NTUC has come a long way. They have gone upmarket. There are now sections with products from Australia, USA and Japan at the Bishan Junction 8 branch.

2011 Me Commenting: Now we have so many upscale supermarkets that I don’t need to travel just to find certain products. Back then we didn’t have NTUC Finest which is NTUC’s more ‘atas’ supermarket with the more ‘atas’ prices. I welcome the variety.

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