I Struggle with Words

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When I read books by Bill Bryson, Peter Mayle or Kurt Vonnegart – deceptively simple and charmingly witty – I am convinced I can write too.  Then I actually sit down to put thought to paper.  Its hard.  There’s a huge discrepancy between the seemingly “eloquent” thoughts in my head and the drivel I produce.  It was interesting to read that Salman Rushdie also felt harsher towards his own writing when it was on paper rather than on a computer screen.  He explained that seeing his own handwriting may have created not enough distance.  I felt that too but didn’t know how to articulate as well as he did.  I am hoping writing on a blog format will help me express myself better.  A bit like practicing the same piano piece day after day for the practical exams and somehow becoming better with practice even though you are pretty mediocre.  It would be great if the same phenomenon could happen with my writing.

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