Horn Combs and Feng Shui Masters

I walked around the air-conditioned Handicraft Centre in Chinatown during the weekend. It was good to beat the heat outside and Chinatown is never boring. There is always something quirky and old school, that catches my eye.

photo by bookjunkie

I spotted a makeshift stall selling combs made out of the horns of oxen, which are supposed to be a durable material. The natural horn material is said to be able to better distribute the oil from the scalp for extra shiny hair. I wonder if it really works.

photo by bookjunkie

The Handicraft Centre is probably a cool place for tourists. I saw these vases in the window display that were in a wonderful shade of turquoise. B told me that the smaller bottles with the stoppers, were used in the olden days for storing perfume.

photo by bookjunkie

Many people consult a Feng Shui master when they want to design their home and even a commercial building or hotel. This person will advise the best layout, so that you will attract a positive flow of energy and not unknowingly block the good energy. I snapped this outside the shop of a female Feng Shui specialist. The orange phoenix paper cutout attracted me. It got me to thinking, my Feng Shui is probably super bad. Must be responsible for the string of bad luck I’ve been having.

photo by bookjunkie

If you’re planning to visit Singapore, this would be a good place to stroll around to view uniquely Chinese artifacts and curios. You can get a good feel of the culture here.

Mon to Sat 8am – 7pm

Singapore Handicraft Centre
Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Rd Singapore 059413
Tel: (65) 6536 2846

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