Singapore on World Top 10 Lists

I was curious to see if our tiny island would feature among any of the top 10 lists on Listverse (a fabulous website with all kinds of top 10 lists….and I do love lists)

We’re numero uno for the Top 10 Bizarre Festivals. I’m used to the Hindu culture, but even I find it hard to watch the Thaipusam ceremony which consists of skewers through the devotees cheeks and hooks on flesh. But I am amazed by how their faith allows them to feel no pain. That is truly amazing and show the power of the mind and spirit, over the body.

This one is not surprising. We’re 2nd after Monaco of the 10 most densely populated nations in the world. I can attest to that because when I was working I’d rather splurge on a cab than brave the elbows and armpits in my face on our MRT (subway).

It’s not surprising that we’re number 3 on the top 10 International Economy airlines. Number one is Emrites.

We’re number 7 on Recent and Controversial Bans with the infamous ban on chewing gum which is proving a blessing in the end. How I wish the same would be done with tobacco.

We’re 9th in the Top 10 Fantastic Foundations with our Fountain of Wealth at Suntec which is based on Feng Shui principles. The water flowing inwards represents riches flowing in and this place claims to brings good luck to those who walk around it 3 times while touching the water.

We’re 10th on 10 Modern Cases of Linguistic Genocide with the Speak Mandarin Campaign introduced in 1979, that wiped out the Chinese dialects.

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