Singapore Subway Graffiti: British Lloyd Dane Alexander Wanted

Update: The MRT Staff say they thought the graffiti was an ad (that doesn’t surprise me because it kinda looks like an ad of some sort). As I suspected, the number of security personnel have been increased in response to the flack it has been receiving. Meanwhile the Swiss consulate has been helping Oliver Fricker who is out on $100,000 bail, find a lawyer and that he be considered innocent until proven guilty. Oliver’s facebook profile has been since removed. His employer Comit AG an IT consultancy firm has suspended him.

Lloyd Dane who was on a tourist visa, left the country before the incident was even reported and he is now wanted by Interpol. He is believed to be in Hong Kong which has an extradition treaty with Singapore. Just hearing about this makes me fear for Lloyd and Oliver.

This story has hit the International news as Singapore tries to extradite Oliver Fricker’s accomplice who has since fled to Hong Kong.  I wouldn’t want to be either of them and some people out there may be angry over what they did, but I just feel sorry for these two young men.  Flouting the laws here have super harsh and scary consequences.  No wonder we are all such nervous wrecks.  I wonder how Switzerland and the UK are reacting to this.  I have a feel their citizens were not aware of how harsh the laws here are.

On BBC: Singapore Graffiti Briton Sought

On Guardian: Singapore Wants British Man Extradited Over Vandalism

I wish that we would hit the international headlines for positive stuff rather than this.

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2 Responses to Singapore Subway Graffiti: British Lloyd Dane Alexander Wanted

  1. Kirsten says:

    It seems like every time Singapore hits the global headlines it’s because we want to punish someone.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I felt so sorry for Michael Fay when that made the headlines. I think he’s really messed up now. This kind of thing mentally scars a person as well and he was only 14!!

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