Even if my writing has value to only one person, (namely, my mum), it will be worth putting my heart and soul into it again. I’ve been experiencing so many technical issues on my blog and that’s the main reason why I stopped. Besides the cancer treatment giving me brain fog of course. Now I’m grateful that I have the help of a young expert to sort out these issues. I tried to sort them out myself, but without knowledge of coding it was really too difficult to handle alone.

Firstly even though this is not a political blog, and more an online journal, I must speak of what is happening in Ukraine. I can’t stop thinking about the people affected. Their lives overturned. The scariest part? This is reminiscent of World War II and Hilter.

The surreal headlines as I picked up the newspaper

It’s unprecedented that we see a war unfold on social media and it’s highly unexpected and unnerving. I never imagined Putin would follow through on his threats & that Ukraine is pretty much left on her own. (Makes me wonder who would come to our aid if we needed help.)

My heart is shattered for the people (especially seeing children separated from their fathers who stay to fight and their leader being so brave and not escaping even though he was offered refuge. I am terrified for all of them. Our fellow human beings. (Aren’t we all just part of one big tribe?) Yes I’m aware I’m pretty naive when it comes to politics. World politics, office politics, playground bullies. They all suck.

Why do power hungry politicians always make life difficult for innocent people who only want to live in peace and security with their loved ones. Pure evil and ruled by ego. Or perhaps fear as well, seeing the fate of some other leaders.

As if life wasn’t hard enough with ever mutating Covid. War is a nightmare and ruins lives for whole generations. I can’t even begin to imagine the trauma and repercussions. I know they say prayers and words ring hollow, but collectively I am sure if we all speak on what is right, there has to be some meaning. There has to be some power behind it?

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