New Zealand is the Most Peaceful Country in the World

New Zealand is the most peaceful country in the world according to the global peace index. If only the whole world could have the same degree of peace and security.

Singapore is ranked 30, the USA is #85, and Iraq due to the war is at the bottom of the list at #149. Read the full report here.

New Zealand is ranked as the country most at peace for the second consecutive year, followed by Iceland and Japan. Small, stable and democratic countries are consistently ranked highest; 15 of the top 20 countries are western or central European countries. This is an increase from 14 last year, and reflects an improvement in Hungary’s score. Qatar and Australia remained in the top 20 – in 15th and 19th places respectively. All five Scandinavian counties are in the top ten of the GPI, although with the exception of Iceland, each experienced slight deteriorations in their scores and ranks. Island nations generally fare well, with the notable exception of Sri Lanka.

Rank Country
1 New Zealand
2 Iceland
3 Japan
4 Austria
5 Norway
6 Ireland
7 Denmark
7 Luxembourg
9 Finland
10 Sweden
11 Slovenia
12 Czech Republic
13 Portugal
14 Canada
15 Qatar
16 Germany
17 Belgium
18 Switzerland
19 Australia
20 Hungary
21 Slovakia
22 Malaysia
23 Oman
24 Uruguay
25 Spain
26 Costa Rica
27 Netherlands
28 Chile
29 Poland
30 Singapore
31 United Kingdom
32 France
33 Botswana
34 Laos
35 Taiwan

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16 Responses to New Zealand is the Most Peaceful Country in the World

  1. Jacobian says:

    well if you want to know more about new zealand then you should ask kirsten.she has a great love for new zealand. 🙂

  2. 365days2play says:

    I am surprised we rank 30!!! Behind Qatar, Slovakia, Oman? Not that I know much about these countries…but still… I should tell the Partner he brought havoc to Singapore after he left NZ.

    • bookjunkie says:

      from your and your partner’s real life experience…how was it like in NZ?…must have been heaven

      • 365days2play says:

        The grass is always greener on the other side. The Partner likes the 24 hour food, low taxes, better economy and Singapore’s proximity to the rest of the World.

        New Zealand to me is nice because of the wonderful scenery and peacefulness that Singapore is lacking. I don’t know if I could live there forever because the shops close at 5 and there is no 24 hr makan places! I’ve never lived there before, only holidayed there. But I wouldn’t mind living there for a while.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    Jacob…I have 2 blogger friends who love NZ…365days & Kirsten 🙂 I’ve never been there, but when it comes to NZ what’s there not to love!

  4. Kirsten says:


    I always feel a sense of pride when I see things like that, even though I’m technically still a “foreigner” to New Zealand. But after being there 4 years and hanging out with Kiwis as my best friends I just feel almost like a Kiwi in my heart!

    I’m so going back there. Next year, most likely, to do my Masters, and then we’ll see how that goes. I miss the life there, even though I do admit there are ups and downs. It is true that the taxes are higher, and that it pretty much goes dead after 6pm in cities (5pm in the towns), and that there are very very few 24 hour food places. Nightlife is probably nothing compared to some other places. But I don’t go clubbing anyway, and I prefer to stay home and read my book/watch DVDs so it’s all fine by me!

    I just like the feeling of peace I get from living in New Zealand, and I especially LOVE the feeling of waking up every day feeling grateful about where I’m living! It’s incredible, because no matter how down I got in New Zealand I would look around and have to admit that I am incredibly blessed to be living there. It’s certainly not a feeling that I have particularly in Singapore, although I am feeling much more connected to my country now.

  5. bookjunkie says:

    Thanks for sharing!! It sounds truly amazing….even more reason why it will move up my list of places to visit 🙂 I guess at the moment it’s lucky I don’t really know what I’m missing.

    • Kirsten says:

      I also love how NZ recognises that backpackers are majority of the tourists for them, and so it’s so easy to travel on the (relatively) cheap in NZ. Every time I have a break I can just throw some stuff into a bag and book a cheap flight or a bus ride and go around!

  6. bookjunkie says:

    In the past I’ve always heard from friends that the people in NZ are the friendliest and nicest you can meet.

  7. Jacobian says:

    ok here is what I want to say to you.I know that singapore is such a small country.and in the end that make every singaporean wanted to get out and go somewhere else to less densely populated country other than singapore.
    but for me though, I live in indonesia. indonesia is a country that’s so large that I even will not able to travel to all of the 33 provinces that’s exist here. but there’s an upside of living in a country that’s geographically large such as indonesia. that is I don’t find the need to actually go abroad. I mean why should I go abroad when I can find everything that I want here, well I can find many beautiful scenery,mountain,going camping and hiking and other activity that’s surely a lot fun.and of course having 240 million people in indonesia you can surely find many people that you can meet.

    what I am saying is that if you’re trying to go to new zealand then it is the same as singapore because new zealand is still a small country too.comprises of 2 island if I am not I am suggesting you to try to visit indonesia and see what’s it likes to be here.

    *just my suggestion then. 🙂

  8. bookjunkie says:

    I did visit Indonesia (Lake Toba) many years ago…it was beautiful 🙂

  9. bookjunkie says:

    fabulous food too!!

  10. Jacobian says:

    oh you did? I even haven’t visited lake toba yet.haha…but I surely will try to go there.I am currently in java island now and lake toba is in sumatra island and it’s far away. 🙂

  11. 365days2play says:

    I’ve only been to Bintan! Jacobian, that is a good point about NZ. The population is about the same as Singapore, unless you include the 40 million sheep…It’s too bad all the south-east asian countries are as hot as Singapore or I would have visited them more. A holiday to me means getting out of this dreaded heat!I can’t imagine enjoying a mountain in 33 degree heat although I suppose it’s better than no mountain.

  12. bookjunkie says:

    Me too..its the darn heat that gets me every time! in South East Asia… i hope to retreat to the hillier parts.

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