Composite Faces: Glimpses of The Future

If all Singaporeans inter-married I wonder what our future Singaporean in a thousand years would look like? There’s this really cool website called ‘The Face of Tomorrow‘ which gives us a glimpse into our future humans. At that point in time, would we then state in our passports that we are Singaporean instead of the various ethnic groups we have now?

This is a future composite female face based on samples of faces from Sydney University.

The site has some of the possible future human faces, but they don’t have one on Singapore or Malaysia yet.

This is the future supercomposite face of America that Time Magazine came up with.

There’s a real insightful site called Understanding Race which may give you a new perspective, as it did for me.

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  1. 365days2play says:

    This is very interesting! Is this why when we see those portraits of people hanging in museums, they look so weird? I suppose this also happens for accents. You can always tell the old tv shows by the accent even if you’re not watching…

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