Dear Farmville

Dear Meat is a fabulous blog I stumbled upon, where users submit their imaginary letters to people or inanimate objects. I think it’s a really cathartic experience and let’s you get everything off your chest in a witty way without offending anyone. Here’s one of the gems but you just gotta read them all.

Dear Hands,

Stop slightly trembling whenever I try to take a decent picture with my camera! You guys ruin everything!!

– A not so good photographer

photo by bookjunkie

It inspired me to do one to express all my thoughts to Facebook’s Farmville.

Dear Farmville,

I am so glad I broke up with you. It was hard too. You kept sending me so many requests, even after we broke up. I saw no alternative but to block you. It was fun while it lasted –  the harvesting of the crops, the buying of the cows, the sending of the gifts. But the day came when I knew I had to let go. I was too obsessed with you and I’m sure you knew it too.

You were manipulative, teasing me with new faster growing crops yielding more profit, new animals like reindeer and a christmas trees with loads of present. That was cruel. I realized you were making me so materialistic.  It was all about getting more profits so that I could buy bigger and bigger farmhouses.  In the end I just had to go cold turkey (pardon the pun), and let all the crops wither and leave the sheep unsheared.

I still can’t believe I wasted a whole chunk of my life on you. But I have to admit, it was fun decorating.

Yours truly
Ex-Farmville Farmer

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5 Responses to Dear Farmville

  1. 365days2play says:

    Those facebook games are really damn addictive! I’m on Mafia Wars and it’s been more than 1 year.

  2. J says:

    I’m worse! I have Restaurant City, Mafia Wars (too!), Cafe World, Farm Ville (too!), and now this Frontier Ville I just stumble upon! And all these are the remaining after my spring (apps) cleaning last year. Somehow it is starting to add up. I think I need to do another clearing!

    • bookjunkie says:

      hehehe this is so funny…am so glad I wasn’t the only one. I tried Mafia Wars cos my cousin wanted me to help her! In the end I had to go cold turkey on them all….just too addictive.

      • J says:

        Forget about going cold turkey. We should all go find the best turkey sandwich in town and munch that down, while cursing at all these distractions that are eating up our precious time! 😀

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