Cruelty Against a Poor Puppy: The Plight of Butters

Update 22 July 2010: The owner was revealed as Ms Kachan Devi and she got away with a warning from the SPCA as they found the dog relating well to her and they considered her intent as well.  Read about it here.  She could have incurred a S$10,000 fine and jailed for a year for animal abuse.

Since the awful incident came to light, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has intervened. The owner came forward after the video was circulated on Facebook and Youtube. The poor little puppy’s names is Butters. I have seen children beaten this way in the past. Worse of all these days I see children abusing their maids and being very rude to them Probably imitating their awful parents! These same people who treat their children and maids like crap, treat their employees like crap as well at work.

I think people who don’t have the patience to look after animals or children, shouldn’t be allowed to have them. People who abuse maids should be banned from having them in their employment too.

In the video she is seen hitting her husband as well when he asks her to stop. She hits him saying, “This one you don’t feel pain” but she obviously hit the poor puppy a lot harder. Warning: you may feel sickened watching this.


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