Earl Grey at teadot

The shopping at Tampines 1 doesn’t interest me, because I generally have no patience or interest in shopping in Singapore, but B likes the Japanese clothing store Uniqlo which had its first branch in Singapore here. I’d rather browse at the Times bookstore or sit and have an Earl Grey tea at Tea Dot. The place is pretty open and I prefer more enclosed places with greater privacy, but since there is not much choice at this mall, this is generally the best spot.

You can request for less sugar in your Earl Grey or even no sugar at all. I went with the less sugar. A small cup costs $3.95. They encourage studying here, so this place is milling with students and people surfing their laptops. There’s even a sign that says ‘Happy Studying’. I wonder if their strategy is to fill up the otherwise empty spot with goodwill – it seems to be working. Singaporeans tend to gravitate towards places that appear to be crowded – go figure.

The girl at the cashier who served me (her name is given as Alicia on the receipt) was very warm and friendly, so I have to mention it here.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Tampines 1 Shopping Mall
10 Tampines 1

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  1. I’m with B – I’d have to take a trip to UNIQLO, the women’s clothing is so unique and colourful.

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