I Love Antoine Dodson

Update: 2 August 2010

So this is how Auto-tune works on most professional singers. I love this song. Very catchy. Antoine should be getting proceedings once this is on iTunes. That would be so great! I think many people, the world over, are rooting for him.


Update: 1 August 2010

He just seems real sweet and sincere. Hope he gets the fame he deserves.


Antoine from Madison County rescued his sister from an intruder who entered her bedroom through a ledge. I wish more people would add sparkle to the usually dull news like he did. He needs to be on TV. I hope the video goes viral and he becomes a star.


Update: And here’s Part 2


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2 Responses to I Love Antoine Dodson

  1. kierstens says:

    No joke – we’ve been laughing about this all morning!!!

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