Miss Universe 2010: Tania Lim & Other Contestants

I enjoy watching pageants like my partner enjoys watching soccer, so here are some of the contestants for the upcoming paegeant to be held in Las Vegas.  The photos are from the official Miss Universe Website and if they disappear for some reason you can check them out there.

Singapore: Tania Lim, age 23 (The quality of the photograph and lighting doesn’t seem as good as some of the others. Also she should have been given a better blow out for her hair. I wondering if this is due to a lack of budget.)

Australia: Jesinta Campbell, age 18

China: Wen Tang, age 18 (think she would look better with less makeup)

India: Ushoshi Sengupta, age 22 (She looks a bit like a friend of mine, but what did they do to her hair here? – a teased nightmare!)

Malaysia: Nadine Ann Thomas, age 18

Indonesia: Qory Sandioriva, 18

USA: Rima Fakih, age 24

France: Malika Menard, 23 (Her make-up seems more natural than some other contestants. I guess it’s because in France less is more and I tend to agree)

I think the girls from the Czech Republic and Puerto Rico are very pretty.  I would put my money on Puerto Rico just going by first glances.

Czech Republic: Jitka Valkova, age 18

Puerto Rico: Marinana Paola Vicente, age 21 (She kinda looks like Michael Buble’s cute girlfriend from Argentina, Luisana Lopilato)

{Image: Eonline}

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6 Responses to Miss Universe 2010: Tania Lim & Other Contestants

  1. 365days2play says:

    How can Singapore’s representative beat the rest without the studio lighting and makeup artists/hair stylists?

  2. Sabrina says:

    It’s so scary that some of them are only 18! I think I can pass of as a child next to them; they look so mature.

  3. Jules says:

    Oh hey, I went to school with Tania Lim. Small world … or it just so happens that 45% of all Convent girls wind up being bimbos somehow.

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