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Revelations by my Youngest Uncle

Uncle S related that it’s very hard for him to recollect a lot of the past as he has memory lapses due to the seizures he suffers from. But I appreciate that he did try very hard to share his … Continue reading

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Ocean Liner Stories from the Past

Had a chat with both my Uncle A and Aunt S since they happened to be there at the same time. They are siblings 7.5 years apart, but the age gap seems to be negligible. Wanted to gain more insight … Continue reading

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My History

Some blogs are truly engaging. Often I am so drawn in that I feel compelled to leave a comment. Usually the writer has been incredibly generous and brave with their life story. I can’t help but wonder, am I wasting … Continue reading

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Miss Universe 2010: Miss Sri Lanka’s Bizarre Sound Effects

Yikes! I have to say it.  It was bad and I felt embarrassed. I so wanted to like Miss Sri Lanka (being my ancestral country of origin and all), but just watch for yourself.  The sound effects at the end … Continue reading

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What I Learnt About Cochin

I knew that Kerala was in the southern part of India, but I didn’t know that it was that far south.  Previously I was also not aware that Cochin is now known as Kochi.  The government is trying to do … Continue reading

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My Ceylon Connection

When you hear Ceylon, you think Ceylon tea.  Today most people know Ceylon by it’s modern name Sri Lanka.  I prefer the old name.  The name I heard throughout my childhood.  The word that conjures up an island paradise complete … Continue reading

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