Jon Hamm and His Girlfriend at the 2010 Emmys

I love a guy who is loyal.  Jon Hamm shows he is as he appears on the red carpet with Jennifer Westfeldt who have been together since he was not famous and couldn’t get acting jobs. He used to be a drama teacher before he quit to try his luck at acting. For ten years he had to bartend and had no luck.

“The secret to my success?”

“Be unemployed for 15 years. Wait a lot of tables. Bartend. Run out of money several times and then get a hugely successful internationally acclaimed show.

“I am an incredibly fortunate person to be sitting where I am right now.

“I worked very hard to be in this position, but it really comes down to blind luck at a certain level.

“It’s what you dream of when you sit down and decide you want to be an actor.

“If you asked me the question 10 years ago I would have said ‘I’d be happy to have a job on a TV commercial selling floor wax’ but the opportunities Mad Men has afforded me has allowed me to be significantly more choosy.”


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  1. Hopefully they stick together and he doesn’t pull the “I’m too famous to date someone not famous” attitude. I really like her dress, it’s pretty!!

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