David Lettermen Makes Waffles With Butter for Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is another actress among the younger set that I really like. She has the most amazingly pretty face and she has the best smile in Hollywood. She truly smiles with her eyes and her laugh that lights up a room. Her photoshoot and interview in 2009 for UK Elle reveals why everyone likes her and you can read more there. She recently did another shoot with the magazine for their upcoming October issue.

{Image: Metro}

Kate Hudson’s a woman’s woman; we love to LOVE her. We’re not jealous (well, not very) of her golden tan/curls/movie career because she’s just too damn nice. At 31, despite having spent her whole life in the spotlight (mum is Goldie Hawn and step-dad is Kurt Russell) and winning an Oscar at just 21 for her role as 1970s groupie Penny Lane in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, she’s not the sort of movie star who given to diva demands and – as we discovered on the ELLE shoot – her smile is simply infectious.

{Image: UK Elle}

I just watched this video of David Letterman making her eat waffles with butter and thought it was cute.

In the first video she talks about her son Ryder.


In this second video you can actually see Kate eating the waffle with her fingers, and she reveals that she is counting calories and that 3 bites would be 100 calories.


She tells Letterman:

I’ve been counting calories and it works.

I think she has a great looking butt and although there have been rumours that she has fake boobs I wonder if it’s just due to the weight gain. Anyway on the web it says that she sticks to 1500 calories of mostly lean protein with 3 hours of exercise a day and it has worked for her in the past.

{Image: Daily Mail}

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