Jerry Lewis Wants to Smack Lindsay Lohan

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I used to love watching Jerry Lewis who was always the sidekick to Dean Martin in old movies. When I was a very little kid I found those old black and white movies hilarious. It was the time when I appreciated slapstick. Jerry Lewis still endures and I am surprised he knows who Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton are, but then again even the mainstream media reports about these celebrities. Lindsay Lohan has had so much negative publicity even US President Barack Obama knows who she is.

84 year old Jerry find Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton’s antics frustrating. He says “those children are begging for help” and they get him really riled up as you will see in this interview. He doesn’t think they are too bright either – ouch! He says “They have the intelligence of a box of rocks!” He also takes a side swipe at their parents. It’s kinda funny, because you have to agree with him and he’s so honest – watch the full video.


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