Singapore’s Dwindling Green Space

Singapore has more green space than I figured it would, but when I compared it to other countries we seem so terribly built up.  With the crunch for land and so many people, this is a problem.  This is a satellite image from 2006.

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I knew that Singapore’s ports were a resource, but I never knew fish was a resource as I figure most of it is imported? Then again, we are an island.

Singapore Natural Resources:
Singapore has natural resources which include fish and the country’s deepwater ports.

Singapore Natural Hazards:
There are no natural hazards listed in CIA – The World Factbook for Singapore.

Singapore Environmental Issues:
Environmental issues for Singapore include: limited natural fresh water resources; industrial pollution; limited land availability, which presents problems with waste disposal. In addition, there is seasonal smoke and haze, which is a result of the forest fires in Indonesia.

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