Stop Taking Meridia or Reductiyl Right Now

Doctors easily prescribe these drugs even to people who are not that overweight. I wonder how much money clinics make off these drugs. The drug Meridia which is known as Reductiyl in Singapore is now seen to have it’s negative side effects outweigh the benefits. From what I gather, it seems to have increased the risk for heart attack, stroke and death.

I took it for a while as doctors claimed it was very safe even though I complained that it caused me terrible stomach pains. I stopped it on my own accord and now feel glad I did. I must confess that it did work as this is a drug that works on the brain and makes you feel full. It was quite a little miracle and you can easily loose 2 kgs a week.

It just seems that no diet drug out there is safe. You can read more about it at The Straits Times and at the Washington Post.

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