My Greatest Worry is that Health Insurance Terms & Premiums Keep Changing

The Insurance companies blame the doctors and even the patients, the doctors point out that insurance companies have high management and sales commission costs too. In the end the patient is the one who suffers, especially if they have a pre-existing illness.

Why isn’t there anyone protecting the patient or consumer? Where is the commitment to the policy holder? Aren’t hospitals and doctors and Insurers making huge profits? That’s my impression anyway.

There is no other product I buy where the terms of sale can change up on me. What I was sold and for which I’ve paid premiums for years is not what I’m getting now. It just doesn’t feel ethical to me, but what do I know?

It worries me to no end. The most awful part is when they try to transfer blame to the patient for trying to seek the best care. No patient in their right mind seeks to be in hospital for longer than necessary. Surgery, chemo or radiation is traumatic enough and we try our best to avoid it.

And isn’t fair to be unable to continue with our current specialist rather than seek only the few doctors listed on the panel that has become the latest obstacle? (NTUC Income in particular) Distresses me that my specialists are not on the panel that has recently been set up. I feel like we are groping in the dark.

Had to voice my worries before they eat me up inside and ironically cause a relapse. But is that what they want? Dispense of these liabilities, these sick oldies, & costs can go down. What if premiums get so high they can’t continue with their policies? I don’t even want to think about it. I want to be an Ostrich with my head in the sand. Am I even allowed to complain?

Just praying for an angel.

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