Psoriasis: Visit to the Dermatologist

I feel hopeful after my visit to the second dermatologist. Prior to this I saw a male doctor. He was nice but I prefer female doctors, and my gynaecologist whom I trust, referred me to her. I have confidence in my team of amazing female doctors including my surgeon as well.

Although the male surgeon who operated on my intestinal tumour was skilful too, I was mortified having two male radiologists. It made the experiences a nightmare for me. They also happen to be highly introverted and not so much people persons. And for me I need someone I can talk to openly in order to feel comfortable. The female doctors I see are all very warm extroverted people.

I appreciated the fact that she saw me on time and was very kind and respectful towards my mum. She also made me feel comfortable, took my problem seriously, remarking that it’s severe. She also did a thorough check to see how much it has affected my body.

She was also caring enough to say that she was sorry I have cancer and that it was advanced, but that she’s glad I am out of the woods now. She wanted to make sure that I’m still getting checked and I told her I am.

She asked if I have any pain in the joints. Luckily it’s no for now as often psoriosis sufferers get arthritic psoriosis.

I just forgot to ask her a critical question that my partner reminded me of later. Should I avoid MRNA type vaccines in the future as my immune system is already triggered?

The doctor explained that I’m now producing skin cells at 3 times the normal speed.

She said that alcohol causes and makes psoriosis worse too, but I told her I don’t drink.

I only wish the skin could look pretty (yes I’m superficial and have insecurities), and not as ugly, peeling, red, inflamed and cracking as it does now.

The look bothers me way more than the pain. This is because most people are ignorant of what psoriosis is. That it’s an auto immune condition. So they may mistakenly think I have some contagious skin disease or that I have poor hygiene. That kinda saddens me.

She did mention genetics and stress as triggers as well. I know I’m highly anxious due to major life changes, but I struggle to reduce my stress.

Writing is one of the ways I relax, so I’ll continue doing it.

I’ve been prescribe a steroidal gel called daivobet, but as steroids can permanently thin the skin and cause other side effects I can only use it for the short term, that is a month, after which we will see how it works.

Will document the process, so that I can keep fellow psoriosis patients updated on what works.

Update the morning after: Day 2

Unfortunately dry lips that I’ve never had before that is probably a side effect of steroids. My eyes hurt a little too from dryness.

But it’s working as I have less of an itch from the psoriosis.

My fingers became numb when I used them to apply the gel on my scalp and body (even though I washed them thoroughly after) so I started using disposable gloves instead.

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