Female Celebrities Who Defy Aging in Their 40’s and 50’s

How do these celebrities above 40 look so amazing for their age and they all look like they didn’t get any help from a surgeon’s scalpel. They make it so hard for us mere mortals.  I picked mostly candid and close-ups so that you can see how good they look without air-brushing.

Halle Berry has the most flawest skin and amazing body at 44.

{Image: Zimbio}

Marisa Tomei at 45

Mary Louise Parker is just 4 months older than Marisa Tomei and she too looks impossibly radiant at 46.  Her skin is like milk and porcelain.

{Image: Zimbio}

Mrs Travolta, Kelly Preston blows my mind. She’s an expectant mum at 48 and she’s just so pretty. John Travolta is known to be a sweet person and having a partner like that must be keeping her young.

{Image: Zimbio}

Michelle Pfeiffer looks naturally beautiful at 52. I love that she embraces her wrinkles and didn’t go the plastic way.

These women don’t need any help. And believe me I chose the latest but worst possible picture in all instances, because they had to go make life difficult for the rest of us who don’t have the help of chefs, facialists and trainers. And to make you feel better, they all do have make-up on. I wasn’t mean enough to dig out paparazzi photos without make-up and at the worst angles. I do like these stars and they give us something to aspire towards that perhaps 40 is the new 20 and 50 the new 30.

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  1. kierstens says:

    If we could afford personal trainers and personal chefs, we’d look like that too!

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