Really Bad Boss: A Place Where Employees Strike Back

What an affirmation! Thank you. My plea and rant about wishing that toxic workplaces came with a warning was featured on this fantastic website ‘Really Bad Boss’ and I am so grateful. Usually when I complain about work I feel like I am whining and no one really believes that a workplace could be that bad. My self confidence has crumbled so much that I often question if it was me. It’s great there’s a site out there that advocates for just some basic decency and respect for employees.

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So if you’re suffering or are being bullied at work and need to know you are not alone, and humour always helps, check out Really Bad Boss. They describe themselves as a place where employees strike back and I think that’s really cool.

I also found this great video on YouTube on what you do when you’re faced with a mean girl at work and she just happens to hold the power.


In American there is a focus on bullies in highschool with the recent suicide of bullied gay teenagers. I am quite sure the same happens at work when these bullies grow up and I hope the fight against bullies extends to the workplace as well.

In Singapore right now there is no advocate for the abused employee. The focus is on productivity and often that’s gained by tactics of fear that’s consciously or unconsciously used by bosses or people in a position of power. In my opinion this is an abuse of power. I just wish one day soon, this problem would be tackled at a nationwide level. I think productivity would increase exponentially once you have employees who are treated with basic decency and respect. I think that’s all they are asking for, but it seems so hard to provide. Most people are also afraid to speak out about their bad bosses for fear of repercussion. Bullied employees are often so demoralized they start thinking that they are to blame. Bullies are also experts at what they do, having gotten their way using these tactics for years. And because they are experts they can make you second guess yourself as the bullying is so subtle. It’s psychological warfare. I think they honestly don’t see themselves are bullies, but as great managers with aggressive techniques. And if they do realize they are bullies, there is definitely a twisted sadistic element to it.

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  1. 365days2play says:

    That’s an interesting concept. Don’t want to visit it though. What if fire builds upon oil and it becomes an inferno?

  2. I read a great book this week that I think you would like. It’s called “The No Asshole Rule.” The book is all about the horrible effects of bullying at work, its prevalence and some coping strategies. I hope you find it as useful as I did. And, no, I have no affiliation with the author! 😉

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