Ten Habits of my Naturally Skinny Friends

I have naturally skinny friends and unnaturally skinny friends. The latter skip meals, just have coffee for lunch and look pale and frazzled. The former always look bubbly, full of energy and seem to have these habits in common.

photo by bookjunkie

1. They are fidgety. They are always moving their hands and arms. They are so constantly on the move, they make my head spin. I am such a lazy sloth in comparison. They are always rearranging their things and tend to be OCD pack rats which is a quality I admire.

2. They eat a lot. Upon close observation I realize that they eat every few hours and never binge. They don’t do diets, skip meals or go hungry.

3. They crave for protein and not sweet carbohydrates. My friend actually craves for a boiled egg or mushrooms with butter. They go for the real stuff and not low fat foods which are loaded with sugar. Skinny friends’ indulgence includes sashimi and gourmet sausages. Even their junk food tends to be more savoury, than sweet. They crave curry puffs instead of sweet bread for instance. Their snack is divine apricots preserved in rum which they prepare themselves.

photo by bookjunkie

4. Another skinny friend of mine is not so much a protein fiend, but is always snacking on celery and carrot sticks and munching on fruit. She also loves chocolate cake and ice cream. I guess the vegetable and fruit keep her from my kind of coma inducing binges.

5. They don’t drink soda, but instead love bubbly spring water, wine, green tea and espresso.

photo by bookjunkie

6. They eat really slowly. They put their fork and knife down between bites and talk and really chew. They chew like how a cow would chew cud, while I practically wolf down bites.

7. They always sit down to a proper meal and cook their own meals quite often. They hardly eat processed or canned food. My skinny friends like to make tuna and tomato based pasta or boil an egg or eat some hard grainy bread with good cheese and gourmet sausages.

8. They don’t eat when they are depressed. They actually lose appetite when depressed and sleep instead.

9. Their indulgence is a nap. To them a nap seems more of a treat than food.

10. They dress well and are very aware when their tummies get even a little pudgy and they cut down. To me they still look skinny. What fat, I cry?

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4 Responses to Ten Habits of my Naturally Skinny Friends

  1. LL says:

    When I was in Singapore I noticed a ton of people were my size and even skinnier! In the obese USA, I’ve always been self-conscious since clothing sizes make me out to be anorexic (size 0 or 2, always xs) when really I am just a petite (5’4″) Asian. I guess these are the tips that explain how skinny Singaporeans are just incredibly thin but so healthy. In the US they would definitely stand out!

  2. LL says:

    Is she in the US too? I find that country sizes differ a lot. In areas like Singapore/HK/Philippines it was unreasonably difficult to find anything to fit me. Their clothes were always too short in the torso. And my feet were gigantic at size 7. It’s ironic since in the US everything is too long on me (hence needing petite specialty sizes)

    • bookjunkie says:

      In Australia where she swims in most outfits 🙂 For myself I find sometimes the clothes don’t fit because they are made for taller people. The crotch too low or the neckline too wide and plunging.

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