Always the Same Feeling on New Year’s Eve

A kind of panic. New Year’s eve always takes me by surprise.  I think it’s days away and then it’s suddenly right in my face. Feels like it sneaked up on me.  I think it’s a feeling of wanting time back and it’s a marker that reminds us truly that time waits for no one. It’s a bit scary too, especially as you get older.  I never imagined I would make it to 2000 let alone 2011!  Will write again later……hope this mood will pass.

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7 Responses to Always the Same Feeling on New Year’s Eve

  1. LL says:

    I am the opposite. I watch the new year come upon me with dread. I never know how to feel around New Year’s. Mainly television has glamorized New Year’s so I feel like I am missing out on a ton of socializing/parties when I am always at home, watching the countdown with my parents in the background.

    But personally, yes, I feel like the new year has come too soon. I still haven’t found a career that I’m “supposed” to get after college. And I don’t feel mature or “grown up” even though I’m already in my mid-twenties. If anything, I feel like I am regressing. haha

    I think it will be sooner for you (I am among the last), so Happy New Year!

    • bookjunkie says:

      It’s 1.5hours into the New Year in Singapore…hope you have a good one…I really enjoy your comments always 🙂 I am in my 40’s and feel like I have major arrested development and regression. To me 20 something is still a baby so don’t worry you’ll find your way 🙂

  2. 365days2play says:

    I totally know what you mean. I feel exactly the same way too most years. This year I was too busy fretting about something else or it would be the same feeling again. Why didn’t you think you’d make it to 2000?
    @LL Regression, sounds like me too. 🙁

    • bookjunkie says:

      I always feel happy once the party starts and am surrounded by family 🙂 1 Jan always brings with it new hope.

      Just never thought that I would ever be 30 years old ever !! when I was 16 years old 30 seems too ancient and to think I’m 40 now!!! perspective changes with the age you’re at.

    • LL says:

      I’ve become a bit jaded about my “regression.” If it’s not regression, it’s at the very least lack of development. When people (my age) around me are all getting married, having babies, becoming doctors, and cpas; if someone asks me what I’ve been up to, I tend to just say “Nothing” or “status quo.” hah.

      I hope you had a great new year’s celebration, too.

      • bookjunkie says:

        a friend of mine recently told me (she’s sweet, so probably to make me feel better) that whether she had kids or not (she has) she would have the same level of happiness 🙂 I guess sometimes in trying to fulfill society’s expectations that’s when we feel unhappy….but I wish I knew who set all the rules in the first place. I just want to be happy as I am and have no one judge…I think you know what I mean..hope 2011 brings you every happiness 🙂

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