#72. We Really Truly are a Melting Pot of Cultures

You can see it in our food and the unique Singaporean accent, and of course Singlish.  Some of the Indian or Chinese food you see sold in Singapore, you won’t find in India or China and I think that is so cool.  The Indian Mee Goreng was influenced by the Malay Mee Goreng (fried noodles).  The Fish Head Curry was due to Chinese cuisine influence of using the best part of the fish – the head.  According to the Chinese the best meat is found in the cheek of the fish.  The latest concoctions of Prata with egg and cheese and even banana in it, is unique to Singapore. Chilli Crab is another seafood dish unique to Singapore created 60 years ago in 1950.

Whenever I am abroad and I hear someone speaking, I immediately can tell they are Singaporean.  The accent is so distinctive.  Most of the time, over the phone you can’t tell what race a person is, because Indian, Malay, Chinese or Eurasian, we all sound alike.  It’s also due to the intermingling at school where we all pick up each other’s accents till you can’t tell them apart.

There are so many dishes to try that there are some I haven’t tried myself like this one – it’s red and bloody  – Soup Tulang. Not something you can eat on your lunch break unless you want to return with a blood splattered shirt. I have to confess I am too faint hearted to try this one and if I do you’ll hear about it here first.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    I have never seen Soup Tulang! And I’m local! What is going on?!

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