#73. No Natural Disasters

We are sheltered from Tsunamis by the Island of Sumatra. We can also be thankful our country doesn’t sit on any faultlines so no earthquakes to worry about either. Our climate is constant and we don’t have Hurricanes or Tornados, so much so, that when a water spout appears in the water, everyone panics.


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4 Responses to #73. No Natural Disasters

  1. Wow! Amazing footage. I love the little voices in the background…..

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah the voices in the background makes me feel like I am right there. I didn’t see this phenomenon for myself but it seems a little scary for someone who has never seen anything like it.

  2. harlsmits says:

    Come visit us in Los Angeles! We have earthquakes, brush fires, and mudslides. It’s non-stop action!

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