#74. It’s Hard to Get Really Lost

I have no sense of direction, so sometimes being in a small country has it’s advantages.  Every if you do get lost, just walk about 10 minutes and you’ll either reach an MRT station, a mall, a hotel or a bus stop.  If all else fails it’s easy to flag down a cab or just call for one at Tel: 6552-1111. You can always ask for directions too.  People are shy and reserved, but they will readily give you directions.

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5 Responses to #74. It’s Hard to Get Really Lost

  1. LL says:

    These are the exact reasons I gave to convince my mother/cousins I would be okay wandering around Singapore. It only half-convinced them since they let me do my own thing for only half a day. But in that half-day I found people were very friendly and signs were very clear .

  2. kierstens says:

    I’ve never lived in a place where people were so many people were so excited to give me directions! Just today I stopped someone on the street, asked for directions, and they even called their friend on their cell phone to make sure I got the best instructions!

    You know, one time I was even in Raffles Place MRT, and it was crazy! 3 people STOPPED me and asked if I was lost or if I needed directions!! And they were so nice about it! I wasn’t actually lost though…hmmmm

    • bookjunkie says:

      hahaha that’s so nice to hear….. I was wondering if my theory about people being very happy to give directions was accurate or not. At least I am, even though often I then to my mortification realize that I have given the wrong directions to the poor tourist. And I was so confident about it too!! Darn my poor sense of direction.

      hmmmm but in your case….did those 3 people happen to be young men!! 😉

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