Inside Job Wins Oscar for Best Documentary

The movie Inside Job is incredible for blowing the lid off the corruption on Wall Street and the movie just won the Oscar for Best documentary. It makes me even more suspicious of the financial industry and how it all works. Our prime minister Lee Hsien Loong makes a short appearance in the beginning and towards the end, which I didn’t expect and thought was pretty cool. Singapore is so tiny that I often think we are easily forgotten on the world’s stage, so any mention of us which is not in the usual negative light always takes me by surprise. The few seconds of the Singapore skyline at night looked incredible as well. For one moment I thought it was some other country, till I spotted the distinctive Esplanade structure. I can see how we hit a million visitors in January this year. And of course Matt Damon did a great job narrating.

Director Charles Ferguson shows us that a world ruled by greed and politics is a pretty scary place to be. He even links it all back to the topmost economics lecturers who are also highly paid consultants to the financial industry. That I didn’t expect and it was quite an eye opener. It may be over-simplistic of me, but pure greed and lack of regulation led to the disaster.


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2 Responses to Inside Job Wins Oscar for Best Documentary

  1. I’m sure this kind of thing has been going on for decades…it’s just when they get caught, that the spotlight is put on all this…I will have to watch it.
    (Where’s your post on the Oscar fashions?! I missed a lot of it and I’m relying on you)

    • bookjunkie says:

      The sad thing is the one’s responsible are allowed to get away with it due to their high level connections.

      I missed all the Oscar shows too. I must check out the fashion stat then 🙂

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