WordPress has Been Attacked and it Really Sucks

I am so frustrated that I can’t get into Tiny Island, my other blog which is my daily journal. If you have been trying as well, I am so sorry about the disruption. I can’t get into the wonderful blog worlds of my blogger friends on WordPress either and I am having major withdrawals. I know it’s a sign that I should go read a book.

One good thing is that this blog, which I recently started, Singapore Actually, which is hosted on Go Daddy, is fine. I’m glad I finally have something good to say about domain host Go Daddy. Was quite annoyed about their difficult to navigate site and initial up-selling. I was starting to regret my decision to get a paid site when I could have just gone with my free one, but today Go Daddy was vindicated. That is, as long as they are not attacked as well. I do love my free WordPress immensely, with it’s awesome features like subscriptions and Freshly Pressed and I hope it’s up again soon.

Anyway when I heard DDoS attacks I was thinking what the heck is that. It basically stand for denial of service. On top at that, the attack was said to be politically motivated and to come mainly from China. So it made me wonder which voice they wanted to suppress. And who the heck are these attackers. Wish they could put their genious to better use like coming up with a new Facebook with better privacy controls.

It made me think about how connected Singaporean bloggers are (world bloggers too) and I have never been happier with Twitter. It’s through Twitter that I got to contact other bloggers and they me, and it quelled our panic a little. I feel kinda proud to be a someone above 40 who tweets. Tweeting just seems like a very young and hip thing to do. I feel like a geriatric on Twitter as I don’t completely know how to use it. Still learning the ropes. My first thought when it happened was that my blog was deleted or something. Twitter makes you feel not so alone. Singaporeans are an extremely connected bunch and I think that’s really cool.

It’s been 2 days already. I encountered some problems last week as well. I am hoping this whole thing gets resolved and meanwhile I am grateful I still have this blog.

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8 Responses to WordPress has Been Attacked and it Really Sucks

  1. Al says:

    I’m having Tiny Island withdrawal symptoms too. Haha.

    Thanks for updating “Singapore Actually” 😀 Been to Haji Lane on my previous vacation, it was really lovely. I find the buildings very similar to the nyonya houses in Malacca, with a slight difference. The facade of Nyonya buildings seem more flamboyant, and these old buildings along Haji Lane more down to earth (although they now edge on retro chic charm, and I’m totally in love with it) 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      Awww thanks so much AI 🙂 That means a lot to me.

      I totally fell in love with Arab Street and it’s now my new fave place in Singapore. The architecture is so charming and I will post more slowly but surely 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Hey there! I was wondering what happened to you because I know you blog more regularly. I found this post because I saw your tweet on your tinyisland blog. Good thing. How weird that you can’t access your blog. What a bummer, huh?

    I say you MAP your wordpress site to Big Daddy. You’ll see. then anyone who types EITHER domain will go straight to your blog. I wish I could show you how to do this exactly because it’s not hard. I think I had to type wordpress.com on go daddy into google to get it done. Good luck.

    I only had my wordpress down for one day once because I had put ads up. I thought it was due to me saying the word sucked. ha ha ha. I wrote them and was back up within a day. I wrote them on the forums.

    Good luck with that too.

    Stay cool.


  3. ThinkPinkToo says:

    Has it only been attacked in Singapore? I can still access wordpress here?

    • bookjunkie says:

      It was worldwide at first, but I think Asia accounts haven’t been restored yet. I can’t assess quite a number of wordpress accounts. Sometimes I can see mine, but I can’t update. RIght now I can’t even view it – I get the message failed to open page. Hope it’s all ok again soon and doesn’t take too long. Those awful hackers…how annoying.

  4. L says:

    Wow, had it not been for your twitter informing me about these attacks, I was worried that your blog was abandoned! I’m glad to hear you haven’t left wordpress, but I’m not very happy about the malfunction. I’d heard about all this hype concerning DDOS, but since it doesn’t seem to affect me (fingers crossed), I ignored it. Hopefully you will get back to blogging soon! I always enjoy your posts even though I don’t always comment! 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thank you so much L!! It’s so so nice to hear. Yeah I have been so frustrated that I can’t log in. I think the WordPress US accounts have been restored but there are still problems with WordPress Asia. I can’t wait till I can blog on my journal again.

      Will update twitter and this blog once the other one is up as well 🙂

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