Thank you Expat Bloggers – For Introducing me to Haji Lane and Reintroducing me to the Awesomeness of Arab Street

Singaporeans usually pride themselves on not going to the usual tourist haunts and what we call tourist traps like Newton Hawker Centre. My recent excusion to Haji Lane has definitely changed my mind. Tourists traps can sometimes be uber cool. I will now keep a lookout for more tips from my Expat blogger friends who are able to suss out the best our little island has to offer because they come here with an open heart, fresh eyes and an eagerness to explore.

B and I have been to Arab Street to have lunch at Zam Zam or to look at vintage watches at the Golden Landmark Hotel, but we have never been to Haji Lane. Well that is till this weekend. I had such a glorious time there I don’t think one post is enough to tell you about how awesome it is. Not only Haji Lane itself, which is a walking street that’s so deliciously narrow, cars cannot enter, but the whole of Arab Street.

As we drove through Arab Street searching for Haji Lane, I was awestruck by the golden dome of the majestic mosque. It was just glorious to see it’s beautiful facade framed by the rows of old shops.  The mosque is called Sultan Mosque and it deserves a whole other post.  As you can see, it was another hot day and the sun’s glare was strong.


photo by bookjunkie

As we were walking along I felt like I was in Turkey (never been there), as I saw men smoking hookahs at a place called Sufi’s corner. The hookahs were so beautifully designed – works of art in my opinion. I was yearning to smoke one myself. Anyone out there smoke a hookah before? What does it feel like?


photo by bookjunkie

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