My Stroll Down Haji Lane: Quirky, Cool Shops

Decided to do a little post about what I saw, walking down Haji Lane. The shops were closed as it was a sleepy Sunday, but I got a chance to take close-up shots without any curious stares.

Here’s the Skyroom. I thought it was a clothing store at first, but it turns out to be a store selling flowers. It’s at 84A Haji Lane. The store may have switched to selling clothes as well, going by the window display.


photo by bookjunkie

The next store that caught my eye was Plum Ideas at 71 Haji Lane. I loved the old architecture of these refurbished old shophouses. This is an advertising and marketing company as it’s name suggests.

plum ideas

photo by bookjunkie

A ladies’ fashion store with a cool name – Wicked Laundry. The clothes are hand-made and have a edgy vintage vibe. I am sure some fashionable young girls frequent this store on the weekdays. This one’s at 76 Haji Lane and they have a facebook page where you can view their dresses.


photo by bookjunkie

Going Om caught B’s attention with the huge heart and lush foilage. This Cafe Bar with a difference, has yoga and meditation classes plus Tarrot card readings and is at 63 Haji Lane. It’s inspired by the Nepali mountains according to it’s website. Make me think that there’s a whole sub-culture in Singapore that I am not aware of and maybe we’re not so boring after all.

Going Om

photo by bookjunkie

Love the optimism of facades painted bright sunny yellow.


photo by bookjunkie

This shop house’s juicy shocking pink windows stood out against the black. Wish i knew what they sold, but it seems that shops at Haji Lane either make it or don’t. That’s the case for most shops in Singapore. Usually it’s harder for the little imaginative boutiques to compete with the big chains that are duplicated at every mall.

black and pink windows

photo by bookjunkie

The Blogshop at 35 Haji Lane is one of the shops that has thrived. It’s a consignment shop where fashion designers can rent a space to sell their one of a kind creations.


photo by bookjunkie

I absolutely adore the name of this shop. It’s so Singaporean. Vainpot. It’s how we teased each other if we caught someone checking themselves out or gazing into the mirror for too long. This boutique is at Level 2 of 34 Haji Lane.

On level 1 is Sup Clothing a fashion store for the guys as well with punk and hip hop flare. My cousin G will love this place.


photo by bookjunkie

I was attracted by the old fashioned lamp out front.  I wonder if this is Reis Turkish Cafe which is supposed to be at 20 Haji Lane.

photo by bookjunkie

Back to what Arab Street is famous for – fabrics. But when I did a search Narmai Fabrics at 14 Haji Lane, seems to be more of a Cafe than a cloth shop. I guess the shops here just keep evolving.

narmai fabrics

photo by bookjunkie

Another bright yellow shop at 12 Haji Lane with a very old Singapore feature – accordian like iron grill gates. We used to have this at home too. I would always struggle to lock and open the gate but it’s a strong defense against burglers.

photo by bookjunkie

What a long street. Only now we near the end of it and spot a travel agency called Travel Alliances at 8 Haji Lane. I love the store that’s fronted with pretty bamboo.

photo by bookjunkie

And finally I see the famed Cafe Le Caire.

Cafe Le Caire

photo by bookjunkie

Cafe Le Caire

photo by bookjunkie

At the end of Haji Lane is the shop that resembles a colourful bird. Piedra Negra – a mexican restaurant at 241 Haji Lane (wonder how come the number suddenly went up).

When I did a google search I was excited to find that one of my blog buddies Renes has dined here.  The place must come alive at night.  There are gorgeous photos of the interior by blogger Singapore Sling.

Pedra  Nigra

photo by bookjunkie


photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Looking back on beautiful Haji Lane.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

And the last shop I went back to snap, with the awesome name, Visual Orgasm. It’s where you can get inked with art. Looking at the website I must say I am pretty impressed with the work although the red skins makes the whole process seem so painful.

Visual Orgasm

photo by bookjunkie


I hope I have provided enough of a walking directory of Haji Lane. For what I missed out you can read Eddie Tee’s article and his pick of the best shops at Haji Lane, at CNN Go.

For a female perspective, Honey Comber’s handpicks and New Yorker in Singapore, Notabilia’s picks are must reads as well.

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20 Responses to My Stroll Down Haji Lane: Quirky, Cool Shops

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  2. Al says:

    That little naked girl perched on the wooden door frame in picture no.3 is so cute! 😀

  3. whatsaysyou says:

    Awesome pictures and I wish I could visit this place for myself.

  4. Zhiyi says:

    this place is unique as it stands out among the more traditional and laidback Arab Street. With its modern refurbishment, it attracts the more youngish, artistic and even hippie crowd. I would say, gentrification in Singapore at its best.

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  6. esther says:

    hi why are all the shops closed in the pics? are they closed on mondays or sth like that?

  7. burburchan says:

    I just had dinner at Cafe Le Caire. we always order the same thing there: lamb chops + grilled mushrooms + hummus if we have space.
    while walking from car park (horrible experience) to Le Caire, I found this shop called Bumble B and scored 3 dresses and 1 top for $110. now I wanna head back to Haji lane to see what else they have.

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  9. v says:

    i am going to singapore next month for the second time and i was googling on what to do in SG as i have done the usual tourist route – malls, malls and more malls, the merlion, sg flyer, Universal Studios… and i came across your blog ^^ lovely surprise! I will definitely go to haji lane.

    thanks for sharing this. ^^


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  11. Michael says:

    Hi there! Just want to let you know that we had just opened a speciality coffee place called espressoLAB just behind Haji Ln on 13 Bali Ln (next to Blu Jazz). Serves great coffee and yummy all day breakfast (eggs Benny are lovely with special coffee ollandaise sauce) do drop by if you’re shopping at Haji Ln.

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