Why are they wearing Jasmine Garlands at the Hawker Centres?

When you see one person with a jasmine garland around their neck, coming to shake your hand, surrounded by groups of people trailing behind, then you know you’ve visited Singapore during the elections. I am sorry, but that’s why my blog has been filled with election stories even though I confess that I loathe politics.  

For a better explanation about the recent ‘uniquely Singapore’ experience, read mrbrown’s witty take on the whole hullabaloo.

Who is mrbrown? Only the most famous gen x blogger in Singapore, who’s witty commentary many people turn to when they are exasperated by our media who stubbornly refuse to be fair and square in their portrayal of all the parties. It seems that humour is the only avenue by which we can make ourselves heard, till the press decides to be less slanted. Don’t they realize that it is really obvious to most of us? Ok, call me a liberal, but it’s the same reason I can’t bear to watch Fox news.

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