Stephanie Sun got Hitched

I am going to be super gossipy right now. Downright tabloid. But since this blog is about everything consuming Singapore right now and everything that’s totally Singaporean, I’m blogging about it.


Stephanie Sun is a local singer who made in big in East Asia. She will be 33 in July and married her boyfriend of 5 years on 31 March. The star let slip that Nadim Van Der Ros is an Indonesian native adopted by a Dutch family at birth.

I think she has a lovely voice although I don’t listen to her music as I don’t understand the language and to me lyrics are key. I think she’s really pretty and it’s quite nice to see a celebrity marry quietly and not be all thick-skinned with bridal sponsorships and massive publicity.

Anyway it’s big news in the local media, and the breaking story has been reported on CNNGo as well.

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