See Dr Chee Dance, & you don’t need a Big Budget for a Fun Event

I am an introvert and totally not a party person, but when I saw this video on YouTube it brought a smile to my face. It was quite heartwarming to see a party with a kampong theme. I have never lived in a kampong, but I’ve heard friends talk about the good old kampong days and the kampong spirit. It’s something I haven’t seen in a while. When I worked it was always fancy events at expensive hotels with themes like Star Wars or Mardi Gras. Everyone was most interested in the lucky draws and who would win the big prizes. To me this would have been so much better. A simple affair filled with people who just enjoy each other’s company. Wouldn’t it be great if companies should just go back to simple D&D’s and donate the rest to charity? Just a thought.


The best part was seeing Dr Chee dance. I call him Dr Chee because that was what my friend who was taught by him at the University referred to him as. He didn’t teach me, but I recall that when she was griping about other lecturers, she had only good words for Dr Chee. He seemed to be a very kind person who genuinely cared about his students. So that stuck with me, even before he joined politics.

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