Photos & Videos: 3 year old Babytard (the baby on his CD) finally meets James Blunt

Update: 14 July 2011

My 2 favourite people in one eco friendly video. I have so much respect for famous people who remain so down to earth. I have always been a fan of James Blunt’s music, but now I am also a fan of the good person that he is. Can’t wait for his concert in Singapore.


Update: 27 June 2011

Just found a video where James Blunt describes the experience of meeting little Babytard. Not only does he write and sing brilliantly, James Blunt is really so good to his fans – the total opposite of a diva.

Update about 14 hours later: Yay! We have the video now.


James Blunt’s concert looks amazing and he’s just such a nice and down to earth guy. He even posted about it on his facebook.

What I posted earlier:

This post is just for all the other Shaytard fans out there.  I think there are tons in Singapore.  It all started with James Blunt trying to find a picture for his new CD cover and long story short – he found Babytard.

{via Shay Carl}

And you can see more at her dad Shaycarl’s twitter page and I just discovered that James Blunt is on twitter too. I love his music and I adore the Shaytard family vlogs. So it’s like the best of both worlds. I can’t wait till Shay posts of video of the historic meeting. Would love to see the reactions of the whole family which includes Mummytard, Sontard, Princesstard and Rocktard.

This was the video where the family from Idaho arrive in New York and once the plane lands Babytard asks where James Blunt is. She expected to see him at the airport.


You can read my older posts about the Shaytards if you’re a fan too or curious to find out more about this fun and super positive family. I learnt so much about Idaho and the US just from the vlogs.

Babytard in Singapore 1 

Babytard in Singapore 2

Skinny Shaycarl and Baby Princesstard

Babytard’s reaction to being on the James Blunt CD

Why I Love the Shaytards’ Vlog

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