Cute Workers’ Party Rally Photos

The cutest hammer.


More of that co-driver humour. Who says Singaporeans are not creative.


No denying that Chen Show Mao has an awesome smile.

from WP Facebook

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3 Responses to Cute Workers’ Party Rally Photos

  1. kirsten says:

    This was the cutest thing I saw at the WP rally!

    *sigh* Chen Show Mao is very hamsum hor. (LOL)

    • bookjunkie says:

      Awwww!! 🙂 thanks for sharing Kirsten

      He sure is!! super hamsum with that winning smile. Love when they shout that out at the rallys.

      When Opposition Party members get criticized as celebs I think….and why is that bad again?? Obama had celeb power too and I hear Vincent is being called Singapore’s Obama 🙂 cool huh?

  2. foo hoe ming says:

    I like the picture whereby Mr. Low is the co-driver. What if our diplomat drive and knock someone in another country? Will Mr. Low be there to slap him or let him go back home without helping in the investigation. Are we weak in our own country or is this the policy of our diplomacy.

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