Todai: New International Seafood & Sushi Buffet Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands

It’s always exciting to see a brand new restaurant that looks authentic and not an imitation. Chain restaurants from the US, always have a certain standard and I am still awaiting the arrival of an Olive Garden or Red Lobster in Singapore.

The price of the buffet at Todai, was similar to that at Rise at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, so to me it was not really worth it for someone like me who doesn’t quite go for seafood like fresh oysters, clams and so forth. Also I don’t think I could eat that much sushi to justify the price, even though I love it. Although the 15% off for the weekday lunch made it quite tempting. And a further look at the menu made it even more so. There’s even pork ribs, udon, laksa, chicken satay, garlic bread, cheesecake, creme brulee and so forth. So I was wrong that it was just mainly seafood. You can read a blog review by My Food Sirens for a better idea. But since that was an blogger invite event, read this hungry go where review where the comments are more severe and not too flattering. I won’t make up my mind till I try it myself though.

I at first thought this was a chain from Japan, but it’s first branch was actually in the US, specifically Santa Monica, Southern California, in 1985. There are no restaurants in Japan though, so I wonder how a Japanese patron would rate the sushi here. There are many Korean food items in the menu and besides the US, there are branches of this restaurant in South Korea, China and Vietnam as well.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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