Brazilian Blowouts & Why Can’t People just Appreciate the Beauty of Curly Hair

I don’t know at what point only straight hair and skinny bodies became acceptable and it seems that women will do anything to get what’s in fashion right now. Most often they are told that their hair looks messy when it’s curly and more professional or elegant when it’s straight.

I tend to think that most people look best with what they are born with. I get annoyed when women are made to feel that they are not beautiful just because of someone else’s standards.

I was aghast when my cousin with naturally straight hair went for a perm. It just didn’t look like her anymore and soon after her hair started falling. I am similarly against lip injections and such – just anything that looks obviously fake.

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I always thought Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman looked so much prettier with their naturally curly locks, but it seems that Hollywood does’t think so. Oprah and Beyonce feel compelled to wear weaves too. In a way it seems a bit bigotted. Yes – it seems that some kind of -ism is going on. Against curly and kinky haired women. I think it’s perception that’s been skewed by the media and commercials as we’re bombarded by only one type of look.

My relatives have tried the Brazilian blowout and the effects are fantastic and all, but is it worth it? Saavy Sister has done excellent research on the subject, so head on to her insightful health blog to learn more. Basically the product contains the same chemical used for embalming. Need I say more? Even though alternative products may claims not to contain this harmful ingrediant, I think anything that can break the structure of curly hair must be pretty toxic. What’s worse is that it seems to be like second hand smoke. Not only are you harming yourself, you’re almost harming the stylist and the person sitting next to you are the toxins are released into the air when heat and the chemicals combine. It just sounds so scary to me.

Brazilian Blowout: is it safe? (and the moral of the story) When I first heard about a "Brazilian Blowout" it sounded like the title of a new reality show that mixed Carnival with dynamite. Brazilian Blowout is actually a hair treatment that is supposed to give those with frizzy or wavy hair, smooth shiny hair that lasts for months.  The treatment, done in a salon and costing from $200 – $500 per treatment,, consists of several products that are applied to your hair in a series of steps — similar to gett … Read More

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5 Responses to Brazilian Blowouts & Why Can’t People just Appreciate the Beauty of Curly Hair

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Great post and by the way I have about the danger of Brazilian blowouts when I was checking up about it on Doctor Oz’s official website ( What a shocker.

  2. Thanks for the mention Bookjunkie!

  3. Crystal says:

    I’m going to cry the day Ellie asks me to teach her how to flat iron her hair.

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