Sand Dune Accident in Lancelin

I was shocked when I read about the serious injuries resulting from an adventure bus that overturned during a Sand Dune ride in Lancelin which is a small coastal town, north of Perth. I have gone on a similar ride in my early twenties and never thought of it as dangerous at the time. It was thrilling and the sand dunes were stunningly beautiful.

I did fall from the jeep though, but that was due to my own carelessness. I was not paying attention and momentarily forgot how high up the jeep was due to the huge wheels as I was stepping off the bus.

I truly hope that the Singaporeans who have been injured have a speedy and full recovery. I feel for them as it must have been traumatic and horrifying. The latest news is that 23 of the 30 passengers have been discharged, but there have been critical injuries.


From what I read, it seems like it was a freak incident.

What I experienced about 2 decades ago, was a bit like this but with a monster truck with huge wheels, but the memory is a bit hazy for me now. It might even have been the same bus, but it was a time when I didn’t take as many pictures and truly regret it now. The area is breath-takingly gorgeous as this blogger reveals.

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2 Responses to Sand Dune Accident in Lancelin

  1. 365days2play says:

    I took a similar ride in my early twenties as well. I don’t recall a monster truck, it felt more like the coach bus actually. I did fear for my life initially because the slopes were so steep! But after the 1st slope, I got used to it and the rest was not so scary. I just read that one of the tourists broke her neck! How horrible for that to happen.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I just recall that the wheels were huge like in the photo. I feel so sorry for the Singaporeans with the spinal injuries and truly hope they recover. Their families must be so worried.

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