Singapore Hawker Food & Desserts Below 500 Calories

I am really quite appreciative that the Health Promotion Board has the cool tool where they provide you with the calorie count and nutritional content of local hawker food. This kind of information has been hard to find in the past.

So if you’re trying to be healthy and hankering for hawker food instead of the usual subway sandwich, here’s a list of food below 500 calories, which would be a third of your intake for the day if you’re on a diet I guess.

Macaroni Chicken Soup (199 calories)
Chicken Curry Bun (213 calories)
Chicken Pao (215 calories)
Penang Laksa (377 calories)
Lor Mai Kai (322 calories)
Sliced Fish Soup (349 calories) – I prefer the fried fish version though, which is 500 calories
Fish Ball Noodles, Dry (370 calories)
Popiah (188 calories – 376 calories for 2 pieces)
Wan Tan Mee (411 calories)
Mee Soto (433 calories)

Red Bean Pao (205 calories)
Soya Bean Curd (317 calories)
Green Bean Soup (377 calories)

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