Singapore Food & Calories (Briyani, Claypot Rice & Wan Tan Mee)

The Health Promotion Board has a very useful tool where you can calculate the nutritional content of various hawker foods found in Singapore. I was surprised by some of my findings. Food that I thought was healthy, turned out to be not as healthy as I expected in terms of calories, saturated fat or sodium content.

Don’t know why, but I always imagined anything fried would be worst than briyani (877 calories), but I forgot all about the ghee content and that stir-fried is different from deep fried.

I had no idea that claypot rice (899 calories) had sodium content that high or that it would have more calorie rich than chicken rice. That was a shocker. I would rather have claypot rice as I am not a fan of chicken rice, so it was a sad discovery.

I was happy to find out that wantan mee (411 calories) is one of the lower calorie meals around because it’s the one Singapore food I crave when I’ve been away for some time.

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  1. Briyani rice calories are particularly high because of the ghee used to cook the rice. I think you can still enjoy claypot rice if you avoid the fatty stuff like chicken skin, sauces and sausages 🙂

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