Walking around Joo Chiat after our Vietnamese meal

It’s nice to take an evening stroll, soaking in the ambience of Joo Chiat, as dusk approaches. Loads of old world charm to be experienced, amidst the more controversial prostitution going on around the bar areas. Definitely not a boring place, but try not to stare too hard.

Loads of architectural features to feast your eyes on. Here’s a shot of the coffeeshop where we stopped for dinner.

photo by bookjunkie

Tin can collection at the coffeeshop made quite a pretty sight, but it’s a hard job for a few dollars. The realities of affluent Singapore, where there are people who struggle. There is no safety net of a welfare system and they have to depend on charities.

photo by bookjunkie

The car park next to the coffeeshop and the striking green minarets of the nearby mosque. Green is a significant colour in this area. In Muslim culture, I think it signifies nature and life. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Would love to learn more.

photo by bookjunkie

Street lights for the Hari Raya celebration as we headed towards the Geylang Serai area.

photo by bookjunkie

An exceedingly elegant mannequin.

photo by bookjunkie

I am not sure if this is jackfruit or chempedak (my favourite, which is a hybrid of durian and jackfruit)

photo by bookjunkie

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  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Great photos you took 🙂

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