Miss Singapore Universe 2011: Valerie Lim in the National Costume

I actually like the costume of Miss Singapore Universe 2011 contestant, Valerie Lim. 26 year old Valerie is a striking 1.79m, and I think the tallest Miss Singapore by far. In Singapore the average female height is about 1.6m or 5ft 3 inches I believe. I hope she goes far.

{via Nick Verreos}

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4 Responses to Miss Singapore Universe 2011: Valerie Lim in the National Costume

  1. C says:

    Can you talk about how what she’s wearing is part of a national costume? One of the things I’ve never quite sussed out is what sort of clothing would be “Singaporean” as opposed to belonging to an ethnic group, so I’m really curious how a pageant contestant finds the balance and what she’s wearing represents.

    • bookjunkie says:

      One half of the costume is a sari and the material is batik like what the Singapore Airlines stewardesses wear. The headgear reminds me of the elaborate headdress worn during Malay weddings. The high sexy slit is from the Cheongsam. The braided hair with the head ornament is very Indian. This year the costume is mostly Indian. Last year I think it was more Chinese. I guess every year they switch around a bit as it’s hard to blend all the cultural influences harmoniously in one dress.

      I’m also guessing they chose to go with red because it’s one of our national colours.

      • Crystal says:

        Thanks! It’s really quite a lovely gown.

        • bookjunkie says:

          someone on twitter commented that it looked like drapes……which made me look at the photos again and think….err yeah. But I guess it’s because she’s holding her arm out and she’s just so skinny. I do like the material and the batik pattern on it.

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