Singapore’s Best Penang Style Assam Laksa can be Found at Geylang

Singapore’s best and most affordable laksa can be found at a Coffee Shop called Penang Seafood Restaurant at 76 Geylang, at Lorong 25A. It’s just across the road from the Aljunied MRT station. You can get a small bowl for S$4.50 and a large one for S$5.50. I tried the Penang Char Kway Teow as well, but it was not as impressive as the laksa. The Penang Laksa has chunks of fresh fish in it and the gravy is so tasty that I left none of it behind, so I’d say definitely come here for a large bowl of Laksa. I believe the chefs are from Penang and there are pictures of Penang plastered on the menu.

It’s always exciting to come across good food that’s cheap as well. Previously to have Assam Laksa we used to go for the King’s Hotel Buffet. That buffet is still wonderful, but if you just want laksa, than this option is better and the quality of the laksa is better too. The guy whom I think is the owner, was so polite and welcoming. Hard to find such courtesy in Geylang where we’ve had our encounters with bad and rude service, especially when the stall is popular. Go figure.

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The only thing missing for me was the red chilli.

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Many in my family don’t like this version of laksa, commenting that it’s too fishy. But I loved it the very first time I tried it. Love the sweet sourness. I guess it’s a bit like durian. Either you love it the first time or loathe it. I think the taste is hard to acquire.

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Affordable prices is always a good thing.

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The Penang Char Kway Teow was not impressive. Much prefer what they serve at the King’s Hotel, Princess Terrace Buffet.

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The menu included loads of other seafood items including crab as well.

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Humble surroundings. But some days it’s all about taste and price and I can forgo the ambience factor.

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photo by bookjunkie

It was quite crowded, but we got a seat.

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The open field and MRT opposite.

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76, Geylang Lor 25A
Singapore 388258
Tel: 68413002
Open: 11am to 12midnight every day

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